interesting and strange facts about blood

Blood Ice Cream : 10 Interesting and Strange Facts involving Blood

Blood is truly the river of life. This video tells 10 interestng and strange facts involving blood and what some disgusting people do/did with it. Whether it’s being baked into a meringue, drunk by a cruel countess, or pumped through a decapitated dogs head, blood has been used in some pretty disgusting ways. Take a look at Ten Disgusting Facts about blood to discover more- but be warned it’s not for the squeamish.

In china, they steam pig’s blood and it is an actual dish!. In denmark they are selling blood ice creams and blood cakes and in some countries people even using menstrual blood as love potion. The woman just puts her menstrual blood into the food of the person and that person can never leave her and loves her more than ever before.

The most important fact about blood is that it is needed to keep us alive. One pint of donated blood can save up to 3 lives and someone needs it every 2 seconds in the world. Did you know that there are 100,000 miles of blood vessels in an adult human body.?

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