12 years old hacker canada

12 Year Old Hacks Government Sites For Anonymous

A 12 Year Old Hacks Government Sites for Anonymous. This little canadian child from Quebec has pleaded guilty to several hacker attacks. In the spring of 2012, he was involved in many anonymous attacks on a local police department, the Quebec Institute of Public Health, the Chilean government and many sites of Provincial government. Besides the usual DDoS attacks, the young activist had a strong passion to steal more or less well-secured data of users and administrators. In return, anonymous rewarded the 12-year-old hacker-kid with piles of new interesting and cool video games. The newspaper “Journal de Montreal” reported earlier that the 5th grader little kid has been working with the Canadian arm of the global hacker group “Anonymous”. According to the report, this young boy has caused a damage of about $ 60,000 and now he stands before a juvenile court for punishment. Sentencing for the little kid is expected sometimes during november, this year.

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