daredevil and tornado

A Daredevil Almost Swept Up By The Tornado

Sam Smith was in a storm of trouble when he was caught inside the Tornado in Rochelle, IL. He was driving along the back roads of Rochelle, when he came upon a forming twister. He did what most of us would do in this day and age; break out the smartphone, and start filming the once-in-a-lifetime weather experience.

Things start going bonkers when Sam notices that the tornado is coming straight towards him, and left him with no other options but to park his truck underneath a nearby bridge.

May be, he deserves “Biggest Balls of All Time” award. It is clear that natural selection fails this time, but not by much, it was close. Watch the Video below:

some of the clearest footage of seen of a near hit. No screaming, No shaking, No weird camera angels, its very strange.

A Daredevil Almost Swept Up By The Tornado : (Complete Detailed Video)

Smith says he initially pulled under the overpass with other cars because of hail. He was on the phone with his young son when he started pulling out and saw the tornado. Smith said he wanted to try and sound calm to his son and not scare him but he was feeling a lot of fright. He says before
the twister passed close by, he turned off his phone so his boy could not hear in case he lost it. He says he remained where he was because he didn’t know what direction the tornado was moving…and that he could only back up a short distance because of other cars under the overpass bumper to bumper. Smith says in hindsight, he should have taken off the moment he saw the twister. Hell of a man though. I don’t know if I could have held it together like Sam while being kissed by a tornado.

What would you have done, if you were in same situation ?

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