Abiword Word Processing : A Perfect Free Alternative To Microsoft Word

AbiWordAbiword is an excellent, lightweight and fast alternative to Microsoft Word. it is an open-source word processor that allows you to create all kinds of text documents, do wide variety of word processing tasks and use all important fucntions that you expect from a professional word processor.

Beside the DOC Format of MS Word, it also understands all major file formats such as RTF, HTML, TXT and can not only read them, but also saves them for you. Those of you looking for a good alternate for Microsoft word, can rely on this free Word replacement AbiWord.

Abiword is very small in size (just less than 8MB) and does the processing of documents very easily, quickly and reliably. You don’t need any extra training to start working with it. Just download it for free from the direct link given below and enjoy the new experience.

Abiword Word Processing (Download Link):

Download it directly from Abiword website : http://www.abisource.com/

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