Alexander Graham Bell’s Voice : Do You Feel Lucky To Be Able To Hear That?

Alexander Graham Bell died on Aug 2. 1922, and until April 2013 no recordings of his voice were known to exist but on April 24, 2013, the Researchers from Smithsonian Institution identified a recording made by Graham Bell 128 years ago and recoverd Bell’s voice from one of their recording archives. This released and freed recording features Bell, through must and static, saying clearly “Hear my voice, Alexander Graham Bell.” If you want to hear the complete 4 minutes 52 seconds recording of  Alexander Graham Bell’s Voice just click at “Read More” option below.

This sound was laid down and recorded on a wax-and-binder-board disc a way back on April 15, 1885 by Graham Bell. Heartly congratulations to all who worked so hard to make it possible for us to hear this piece of history.

Alexander Graham Bell’s Voice Complete Audio Recording:

Alexander Graham Bell on his invented telephone in New York calling to Chicago in 1892


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