BAIKAL ICE live music

Amazing Baikal Ice Music in Minus 20 Degrees

Real video from IRKUTSK ethnik percussion group “ETHNOBEAT”. They played on frozen water of deepest and oldest Lake Baikal with pleasure and delight in the soul. So they did what any great musicians would have done. They recorded it. The result is amazing.

The discovery that Lake Baikal, makes music happened completely by accident.

The wife of one of the band’s drummers slipped and fell down on the ice. The sound was not a thud, but a musical boom. It was such a nice sound that her husband said “How did you make that noise?”

“She laughed but then got curious, too, and they started touching and drumming on the bits of ice, realising it was making a melody,” Natalya Vlasevskaya, 31, organiser of Etnobit percussion group told the Siberian Times.

“ He recorded it on the phone, got back to Irkutsk and let us listen, asking if we might want to go together to the same spot and try and record our ice drumming.”

It was a six hour drive. Of course they did it.

“’I will always remember the first feeling,’ Ms Vlasevskaya said.

“You see your hand touching the ice, you hear the sound, but your mind just can’t take it in. You cannot believe that, yes, this beautiful clear sound is indeed produced by ice.”

Lake Baikal in Siberia is the oldest and deepest lake on earth. It’s 25 million years old and 1642 metres deep. Not all spots produce music. The area the band found is more shallow than most with water only five meters below the ice.

This amazing baikal ice music is pretty cool and smashing and the ice structure seems to be highly organized almost metallic.

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