amazon smartphone

Amazon Going To Build its own Low-Priced Super Amazon Smartphone

amazon smartphone

Amazon is going to make its own Smartphone soon. The rumors circulating the internet say that the world’s online retailer giant Amazon working with a Taiwan-based chinese company Foxconn  together to launch a device by November that will compete with Apple’s iPhone.

Amazon’s strategy is to make profits from digital books, songs, movies, by making good but  low-priced devices. Amazon also did very good with its low-priced Kindle-Fire tablet in the recent pastand this upcoming Amazon Smartphone will also be an inexpensive low-cost super device.

The Bloomberg news said that the Americans want to get into the mobile phone businessby making this Amazon Smartphone.

This Amazon Smartphone will have an Android operating system. Amazon is thesedays also acquiring patents for wireless technologies, to curb out the lawsuits problems right from the very start as the demand for mobile patents has already been increased. Amazon’s Spokesman did not want to throw light on it and did not give any further info about this issue.

Amazon is very confident after the huge success of the Kindle Fire and this self-reliance obviously more potential to offer smartphones.

The giant online retailer Amazon has had experience with the sales of diferent kinds of hardware. Since late 2007, Amazon offers E-book readers like Kindle and since autumn 2011, the tablet computer Kindle Fire.

These are a inexpensive alternative to devices like the Apple iPad tablets with which Amazon customers can read books and magazines. The Kindle products have developed themselves basically in the United States to an important sales channel. With the Amazone Smartphone, the Americans now want to secure a portion of the currently rapidly growing overcrowded market for smartphones, which is currently ruled by Apple and Samsung.

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