Third Thumb

An unnecessary ‘third thumb’ that can add to your capabilities

(Web Desk) – Do we really need a third thumb? This is probably something that Dani Clode, a student of London’s Royal College of Art (RCA), didn’t consider while building his prosthetic called ‘The Third Thumb’ which is a prototype of his dream to benefit humans from augmentation.

According to The Verge report, Clode believes that prosthetic techniques can be used to explore the possibilities of adding capabilities to human body, rather than considering it just to replace the lost body parts. The actual meaning of prosthetic for him is to extend the human body so that it can perform new actions or reform the older ones.

His prosthetic third thumb can be installed to a hand using the wires and servos in it. While the instructions are sent to wrist unit of the thumb from Bluetooth, a wearer can control the thumb by movement of the foot and controlling the pressure sensor in the shoes. The motor as well as Bluetooth is placed inside a wrist watch. Clode believes that he has developed a simple technique to manage a third thumb and compares it to driving a car in which the accelerator and brake are controlled simultaneously.

It will be interesting to see how Clode’s third thumb can revolutionize the prosthetics industry.

The Third Thumb Project from Dani Clode on Vimeo.
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