Andy Klein invented drawyers

Andy Klein Invention: Revolutionized Box And Drawer Making

The guy is brilliant when it comes to carpentry. A very creative, clever and the most original idea by Andy Klein for a new form tool. He has really spent some time developing the idea. Normally Lock miter joints require a lot of practice and check work to perfect, and even then they are not ultimate but Andy’s method, equipped in tandem with dado blades solves a lot of problems. The great thing about Andy’s invention is that a lot of scrap test cuts, measuring, and time are saved because of his invention.

The end-products are of great quality and much stronger than the usual method of construction.

This amazing drawer is one of those wonderful inventions that makes you think; Why has no one else ever thought of this before now?

Even if Andy only making say 4 to 6 drawers for his shop, still his method is crazy faster.  He sets up his table one time and cut and glue 6 drawers in maybe 30 minutes.  A great example of personal ingenuity that should be rewarded. Andy has already applied for a patent and soon he will be making a lot of money off this idea. I really hope things go well for him and this revolutionary dad blade.

Andy Klein Invention : (Video)

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