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Angry Brides: A New Game on Facebook to Discourage Dowry Demands!

angry brides

“A woman give you strength, care and all the love you need … NOT dowry!” this is how you might be welcomed to play Angry Brides, a free online game launched on Facebook by a leading Indian matrimonial site. Its a game to create awareness and showcase the company’s stand against Dowry.

Angry Brides, the matrimonial site has added this game on their Facebook page to highlight the illegal practice of dowry still prevalent in India.

The name of the app, available on the group’s home page (, is inspired from the globally popular “Angry Birds” game.

Its home page shows a red dressed, eight-armed woman resembling goddess Durga.

To play the game, users have to try and hit three dodging grooms. The Angry Brides are given a wide range of weapons to choose from, including a stiletto shoe, a frying pan, broomstick and tomato. Each groom has a price tag, starting at Rs. 1.5 million. Every time user hits a groom, his value dips and money is added to user’s Anti-Dowry Fund.

Reportedly, the app has received a great response among the netizens. More than 270,000 people have liked the app since the game was launched.


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