iPhone 4 Users Can Now Claim $15 Antennagate Settlement



As Apple launched iPhone 4 in June, 2010 device was reported faulty by users, as it has problems with dropping signals when a user hold it in a specific style.

Apple’s response for the issue was that there is no issue with iPhone 4, and just avoid to hold it in that way if it drops signals, later Apple said the antenna issues with iPhone 4 are because of its software, which the company will fix soon. And according to some resources Apple’s engineers identified antenna problem during the early design phase of iPhone 4 but that was not considered due to un known reasons.

To handle with thousands of iPhone 4S signal dropping issue reported by its users, Apple also added smartphone antenna performance section to its official site to compare different mobile phones and iPhone 4 to demonstrates that about all smart phones have more or less antenna issues, which was harshly criticized by HTC, Samsung and Nokia and on the other side several class-action lawsuit were filed on iPhone 4 antenna problem by customers.

As the last option, Apple handled iPhone 4 antennagate issue by giving away free iPhone 4 bumpers, which was still a limited time offer and thousands of iPhone 4 users did not reach to grab that free accessory to avoid antennagate issue of iPhone 4.

Now, here is a news that Apple reached to a settlement for the class-action lawsuit of iPhone 4, and now company is agree to give $29 bumper case or $15 in cash to all original users of iPhone 4 in US only.

According to iphone4 settlement:

“The purpose of this website is to inform qualified individuals who are or were the original owner of an iPhone 4 of this class action settlement.

To be eligible for the cash payment, you must have: (a) experienced antenna or reception issues; (b) been unable to return your iPhone 4 without incurring any costs; (c) been unwilling to use a case or free bumper for your iPhone 4; and (d) completed certain troubleshooting steps or are unable to complete the troubleshooting steps because you no longer own your iPhone.

The settlement will provide a $15 cash payment if you are a United States resident who are or were the original owner of an iPhone 4, and who experienced antenna or reception issues, and satisfy other requirements explained on this website.

Since July 2010, Apple has offered a free bumper to iPhone 4 owners who have experienced antenna or reception issues. Class Members can continue to request a free bumper as described at http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4389.”

So if you are in US and have iPhone 4 then you can place your claim for $29 bumper or $15 cash by visiting iPhone4 Settlement Website.

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