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How To Protect Your Data From Prying & Spying Eyes ?

AntiSnooper gives you more privacy at work and home. It automatically pixilates programs you are not currently using. AntiSnooper is a kind of privacy filter that protects your open applications, data, chat browsers and other certain programs that contain sensitive or private information, from prying and spying eyes of your colleagues standing behind you or walking up to your desk. Nothing is more disturbing and annoying than colleagues and friends, who constantly look at your computer screen in your office and don’t respect your privacy and you don’t know how to deal with this awkward situation. Thus, a quick glimpse of the mails, on private data  or on Facebook is always associated with a bad conscience.

For example, you are doing online banking on your PC and don’t want your wife to see how much money you have in your Bank account but she suddenly comes near to you, stands directly behind you to look over your shoulders. You don’t need to panic anymore and instead of quickly minimizing the open windows here and there everywhere on your PC screen, you can simply move your mouse off the application or your browser window and AntiSnooper will automatically obscure and pixelate the content of the window to make it unrecognizable, unreadable, distorted and pixelated for the prying eyes. You can also adjust the obscure factor as well as the timeout (the number of seconds your mouse would need to be focussed away from that window to start Pixelation) according to your needs and privacy factor. This pixelation effect is reversed as soon as the window comes back into focus. AntiSnooper helps to keep your PC screen private and your activities on the computer only to yourself. The best things is that it is a totally free software that blurs out any window you want it to, as long as your mouse is focused elsewhere.

AntiSnooper can also be configured to start each time automatically with Windows and you can minimise it to the system tray so it’s invisible when in use. On Start, it will show you all your currently running tasks, applications and windows and you can then simply choose to activate AntiSnooper for any of them using simply one-click-protection function. Just Remember an important point that AntiSnooper only obscures the applications that you add to the “Protected Profiles” list and all other windows will behave as normal windows. Antisnooper is extra protection for those individuals who have good reasons to occasionally hide windows from unwanted prying views.

This software will show you its full strength if you are working with two monitors or large sized monitors. So for example, if you switch from one monitor to another, then the NOT-Active monitor will be automatically pixelated on request.
You can download it directly from company’s website. Below is the link.

Download AntiSnooper Here

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