Apple Hacker Uses a Trick and Downloads Paid Apps For Free

Apple Hacker Steals App

A Russian hacker with the name ZonD80 (on Youtube) makes the In-App-Purchases for free on non-jailbroken iOS devices using a simple trick and downloads Paid-Apps free of charge. The method this hacker was using is called ‘in-app proxy’, and involves installing a couple of certificates on the device and then using a custom DNS entry.

The Apple blog 9to5Mac has traced the details of the Russian hacker. The method he was using does not require a jailbreak of the IOS device and works with the Apple operating system versions 3.0 to 6.0.

A YouTube video in which the Apple hacker described his hacking procedure has now been deleted on the request of Apple from the youtube video platform. Apple said it is going to investigate the incident . The problem however, is apparently not yet solved. According to the information given by Apple, far more than 30,000 in-app purchases have been made free of charge using this hacker’s dirty trick.

The disadvantage of hacker’s method is that it carries a risk for the users as during the download or purchase process, the hacking method deliberately gets user’s information and uploads it to the hacker’s own servers promptly. So the developers content gets stolen thats why it is strictly advised not to use it. No-Risk-Free method.



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