Apple Smartwatch with iPhone

Apple SmartWatch: Its Designed To Work With iPhone Only

Apple Smartwatch with iPhoneThe Apple Watch ships on April 24 with prices starting at $350 for the Sports model and $10,000 for a limited edition in 18kt gold.
Do you really need this? With the Apple Smartwatch the Apple CEO Tim Cook launches its first own product series. The pressure is immense, the expectations are high. Will the Smart Watch be as visionary and as good as Steve Jobs’ previous devices? I am still not very enthusiastic about the Apple Watch.

Despite or perhaps because I’m interested in your opinion! What do you think of the smartwatch? Watch this video to know all you want about apple watch which will go on sale in the US, UK and China on April 24th, with pre-orders taken from April 10th.

Since September, we know what is looks like but what the Apple Watch really can, we will find out in April. Here you can see a detailed video about all you want to know.

Apple Smartwatch Functions : Video


Apple Smartwatch with iPhone

Apple Smartwatch is Designed To Work With iPhone Only. They are Single Unit. Very Annoying. isn’t it ?

Apple CEO Tim Cook said this in media briefing in San Francisco, “Apple Watch can be an incredibly rich and an integral part of your life,” . And he called it  “the most personal device we have ever created.”

apple new smartwatch

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