Ask Ziggy: Phone a Friend Hands Free

Ask Ziggy: The Ask Ziggy app for Windows Phone 7 platform is a free program that translates human speech into transcribed text. Use Ask Ziggy to call contacts, send texts, emails and tweets, get local weather, and update your social networks. The app can also switch from female to male voice as well.

“Natural language processing is a big part of this. What we try to do is take natural language, and we break it down into different parts of speech,” explains Shai Leib, Ask Ziggy founder & CEO. “The parts of speech like the nouns, the verbs, the adjectives and the different phrases that they commonly combine into. Then we break that down into a language that Ask Ziggy can understand which is basically broken down into key word.”

“We are trying to expand the amount of content providers that we are going to include on Ask Ziggy,” continues Leib. “API’s will include check-ins, travel, hotels, car rentals. We are going to continue adding as many content providers as possible. We are going to create our own knowledge base, based on the information we are getting and the answers as well.”

Need to call a friend without searching your contacts? Ask Ziggy. Want to change your status on Facebook? Ask Ziggy. Want to find out the best place for Chinese food in the city you’re visiting? Ask Ziggy will translate your voice to navigate Windows phones hands free with the click of the microphone.

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