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Audi Traffic Light Recognition System

These are the cars that drive in sync with traffic lights. Just imagine , you are on the way to work and the traffic lights just do not want to be green. You simply drove less than 250 meters down – pow , the red light. The highlight is that it is shown on the display of the car as to how long the green light of the traffic signal will light up and one can adjust his car’s speed accordingly in order to still catch the green-phase of the signal. The current status is requested over the wireless network every second and the new car-to-X applications of Audi includes the traffic lights info online. This system uses in-car internet by leveraging Audi connect to establish with the central traffic lights control in the city which controls all the traffic lights.  The function “Speed advice system” informs the driver what speed needs to be selected to pass through the next traffic light during a green phase. Audi connect calculates the “optimal speed” to avoid waiting time. The selected information appears on the driver’s information system display and the remaining time for the red light is displayed or when waiting for the green light, the remaining time is also dislayed.

Audi Traffic Light Recognition System :

Audi Connect

This system has potential to save upto 15 percent carbon emissions as the car can communicate with local traffic signals and is able to predict when lights will change and it is fully developed in tactical terms. It is conected to the car’s start/stop system which starts the engine 5 seconds before the light phase changes.This system is scalable to implement new functions. This way you can use your time more efficiently while driving and avoid traffic jams and construction sites. The german Automaker Audi can fit and integrate the traffic light info online service to all of its models. The system is called Audi Traffic Light Recognition system and the carmaker estimates that the system could save millions of gallons of fuel. This system is already tested in italy and germany and now working perfectly and used in Las Vegas and Los Angeles as well. Audi traffic light recognition system makes driving extremely comfortable in everyday llife and its definitely the moment the humanity has been waiting for.

Audi Traffic Light Recognition System

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