AVG Antivirus Free Android App For Your Smartphone

avg antivirus free for android

“AVG Anti-Virus Free” is thesedays one of the most downloaded anti-virus solutions at all. The free security program does its protection tasks very safely and reliably on the desktop. It is an effective free mobile security solution that helps protects your phone from malwares, viruses, Trojans, spywares & online exploitation in real-time.

“AVG Anti-Virus Free” not only scans each and every single Android applications one bye one but also scans media files for viruses. In addition, you can locate your cell phone using GPS via Google Maps. This is especially needed if you lost your Android device somewhere in a restaurant or if it is even stolen from your car or your office table. It actually keeps your device safe and secure with just one click. This cool app also does a job of a task killer, phone locator, local device wipe, app locker beside being a real-time scanner.

The free app makes it possible for you to create backups to restore the critical applications and important data at any time whenever needed. The individual running tasks at the background that reduce the speed of your mobile phone can aloso be stopped or deleted with the help of “AVG Anti-Virus Free”. android app.

the appearance of the App surface is reloaded,  refreshed and a better browsing option and search-function for the memory card is built and optimized in the version 2.11 of AVG Antivirus free android app.

A virus scanner such as AVG duty is a must for windows. For Android specially this app contains very useful functions specifically for mobile usage. Those who are not happy with this free version of AVG Android App,  should take a look at the Pro version, which still offers a few more safety features for your smartphone. It is very useful for those who have installed many apps on their mobile devices. It is recommended to let the virus databank be updated by checking the settings options at least once in a week.

This application requires Android OS 1.5 or higher.


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