Bitdefender 60 Seconds Virus scanner

Bitdefender 60-Seconds Virus Scanner: 60 x 60 To Save Your Time

Bitdefender 60 Seconds Virus scannerMany programs get on your nerves with their long waiting scan time, Menu hangups, stops and an overabundance of features. But there is another way: Bitdefender 60-Second Virus Scanner is a fast and free desktop application that detects threats in less than 60 seconds.

Bitdefender 60 Seconds Virus Scanner Details:

Regular virus scans are essential for a PC Security – but the waiting time for the complete scans are sometimes very long. BitDefender offers now the 60-Second virus scanner to solve this waiting problem and to give your more effective protection.  Its a very simple gadget on desktop computers that allows us to immediately start the first scan, and since the tool checks only the critical parts of the system, it really needs only 60 seconds to complete a full scan. The freeware examins and checks not each and  every corner of the computer, but the most important system areas and a number of typical risk factors. So you have to wait more than a minute to get a safety report for your PC.

The interesting thing is that the counter on the screen counts down to the 60 seconds as proof of this. It is also compatible with other software to protect your computer, you can scan the critical parts of the system in real time, and can perform basic system checks every day. An  incredibly easy software, and you can leave it running in the background and you forget it’s there, no PC speed problems anymore. Bitdefender 60 Seconds Virus Scanner interface is easy to navigate, attractive and intuitive. Another best thing is that this product works whether another antivirus or security software is installed on your computer or not. It relies on the cloud environment and cloud based technology as an additional level of protection for your computer and thus more up to date against malicious applications than any other security software available in the market today.

So you can just download it from the direct Bitdefender webiste  link given below, scan the critical parts of the system in real time, and perform basic system checks every day to protect your system from malicious programs and save your time and money. A Helping-Hand video is also available below to Guide you step by step about the Download Process.

This Software will take up almost 30MB of your disk space. Clicking on the Start Scan will instantly start the scan.

 Download Bitdefender 60 Seconds Virus Scanner Here


A Video to Guide you step by step about the whole Download Process

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