IP Box for iPhone

Bruteforcing The iOS Screenlock

IP Box for iPhoneIts not a good idea if you protect your iPhone with four digits Pin Code. Criminals have a tool with which they can crack your Phone very easily. This small black box in the video below seems unimpressive but it can crack every iPhone. Criminals can unlcok iPhones and iPads using this so called “IP Box”. And this is how it works.

The smartphone is connected to the IP box. At the same time, the box is also connected to the internal power supply of the phone. And it starts working. This method is called “Brute Force” which is an effective and simple method. This code-breaker tries all possible combination of numbers.

Bruteforcing The iOS Screenlock : (Video)

Normally, not more than 10 attempts are possible for entering pin-codes in iPhones and iPads and in the case of too many incorrect code entries, the device memory is automatically deleted, But this IP Box prevents this to happen. It connects directly to the battery, and cuts the power each time when it detects that a wrong password was entered which means that it can quickly shut off the phone before the phone even realises that someone is trying to hack into it. This is done so quickly that the wrong input is not registered by the device and after that the phone restarts. This process can take a bit long time. Including all the possible combinations plus reboot-time, it may take up to 111 hours altogether. But it can also take very little time to crack the pin code. And sooner and later, this box cracks any pin code 101%, which you may have set on your smartphone. According to WinFuture, the number sequences 1234, 0000, 2580, 1111 and 5555 are statistically speaking, most commonly used as pin codes.

An iPhone 5 was used in the test running with the iOS 8.1 software. Whether Apple has fixed this vulnerability in their new update, is still not clear. But you are advised, not to use a 4 digits Pin code, but use both letters and numbers instead. Because combination of letters and numbers will protect your Phone from this sophisticated IP Box. Just go to the settings and disable the “Simple Code” under “Touch ID & Code” option of your smartphone. Remember that iPhones are designed to defend against bruteforce attacks but only if you help them by choosing the combination of numbers and letters as your pin code. You can buy this Clever IP Box on ebay for only $ 199 and test it on your iPhone to crack your own Pin Code but don’t use it on others 🙂

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