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medical delivery drones

Medical Delivery Drones Take Flight Over Rwanda

Muhanga (AFP) – “Three, two, one, launch!” And with that, catapulted from a ramp, the small fixed-wing drone buzzes into the air towards its pre-programmed destination, the Kabgayi hospital two kilometres away. On Friday Rwanda inaugurated a drone operation that its backers hope will kickstart a revolution in the supply of medical care in rural […]

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Quadcopter Flying Lessons

How To Fly A Quadcopter: Quadcopter Flying Lessons

The fascination of flying drones continues without any limits. These remote-controlled flying objects monitor company premises, discover structural defects in buildings, replace expensive helicopter flights in film productions or take over the spy plane’s mission in full and gives high level of enjoyment. At the same time more and more young hobby pilots are joining […]

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Japenese police drone captures suspicious drone using net

Japanese Police Drone Captures Suspicious Drone Using Net Japanese police drone captures suspicious drone using Net in this video. This drone was flying on the roof of the prime minister’s office. Japenese police have special trained troops to intecept and capture those drones, that pose a threat to the important faciilities and banned airspace, They are using their special drones with big […]

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amazon prime air

Amazon Prime Air Home Delivery Made Easy Amazon prime air home delivery drone supplies you, your Christmas gifts right from the air in the comfort of your own home. It’s a fascinating thought what will be possible in the near future! What if you order a new washing machine and want to get that delivered to you at your doorsteps by […]

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Tareq Alsaadi

Tareq Alsaadi Can Give You A Shave With Blades On His Toy Tareq alsaadi can give you a shave with blades on his toy and trim your sideburns. You thought you had skills with your quad copter….. 🙂 This video contains very hard and precise movements, you may never have seen bfore.

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Multirotor manned drone

Multirotor Super Drone Flying Hellicopter The Swarm man carrying multi-rotor airborne flight testing montage. 54 counter-rotation propellers, six grouped control channels with KK2.15 stabilization. Take off weight 148kg, max lift, approx. 164kg. Endurance10 minutes. Power approx. 22KW. Just a bit of fun for my self, never intended for making a significant journey or flying much above head height. Approx […]

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Drone Racing: First Person View (FPV) At an abandoned warehouse in Melbourne’s west, about 30 drone racers have spent hours custom building their multi-rotor machines and fitting them with onboard cameras. Known as FPV racing – or first person view – the racers use special goggles, some held together with gaffer tape, giving them a drone’s-eye view. Read more: […]

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drone fails

Epic Drone Fails,Win & Crash Compilation Not only the aerial drones and Quadcopters are capable of capturing some absolutely amazing footages and crazy scenes from high above, But they are also good at failing and crashing into the ground. That’s why the key to become a good drone pilot is training, so that you can develop good skills before flying […]

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firefighters shoot drone

Firefighters Shoot A Drone Out Of The Air

The drone was neither harassing the firemen nor interfering in any way. If anything, it was highlighting the good job they were doing and giving those interested an idea of the complexity of their job. What harm is someone recording it going to do? People stand around recording stuff with their cell phones all the time instead […]

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Epic Quadcopter Crashes and Fails Videos

Quadcopters and Drones are amazing devices that allow us to experience life in new interesting ways. They are enjoyable and a great hobby to fly. You need good practice at the beginning to fly them perfectly. People don’t even try to crash them, but still it happens all the time. In this video compilation, you […]

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fireworks Quadcopter

Fireworks Quadcopter: Andy Stewart Attaches Fireworks To Drone, The Result Was Amazing

Fireworks Quadcopter- You may never have seen this before. Quadcopter armed with fireworks making the guys in shorts run as fast as they can to escape the firing candle. Andy Stewart and his buddies attached two Roman candles to the drone and made their own version of fighter-Quadcopter. Quadcopter had a video camera recording all […]

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Lily Camera Drone

Amazing Lily Camera Drone That Automatically Follows You

In this video you are going to enjoy an amazing Lily Camera drone that has several features including the ability to follow its owner automatically. The drone goes on sale in 2016 but a prototype is now being shown as pre-sales start. Its price is only $499. Lily Camera Drone shoots videos in full 1080HD […]

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