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Beware of Whatsapp scam that offers ‘free internet without WI-FI’

Lahore (Web Desk) – Whatsapp users all over the world have been facing a newly discovered scam on the internet messaging app. People are receiving spam messages that offer them free internet without WI-FI. It may sound impossible at first but there are certain people who get tempted and thus face problems. People mostly receive […]

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caesium image compressor

Caesium Image Compressor For Fast Compression Without Quality Loss

Caesium is an image compressor software to reduce image sizes. This small size software is a portable application and also able to run Batch processing (compress multiple images at once) Caesium Image Compressor is a very handy, easy-to-use tool specially designed to reduce the size of your picture up to 90%, preserving the original quality […]

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Yandex Alpha : The Browser Of The Future

The leading internet company in Russia operating the country’s most popular search engine Yandex has introduced a revolutionary new brwoser that incorporates innovations in design

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KoolMoves : Create Your Own Flash Movies And Gif Animations

With the animation software KoolMoves, you can create your own Flash movies and GIF animations for the Internet by connecting individual graphics to an animation. KoolMoves supports graphics in the JPG, PCX, TIF, EMF, and WMF formats among many others. Interactive buttons and many effects like shadows, patterns, flip and rotation functions are available to design your […]

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AntiSnooper for you

How To Protect Your Data From Prying & Spying Eyes ?

AntiSnooper gives you more privacy at work and home. It automatically pixilates programs you are not currently using. AntiSnooper is a kind of privacy filter that protects your open applications, data, chat browsers and other certain programs that contain sensitive or private information, from prying and spying eyes of your colleagues standing behind you or […]

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monosnap screen capture

How To Make Screenshots & Broadcast Your Interface Live, Stream Videos Using Monosnap Tool

Using Monosnap you can make screenshots, add notes, draw arrows and share the images over the web. Monosnap tool nests itself in the toolbar after the start and can be activated from there most conveniently through hotkey. Optionally, you can create a screenshots of just part of the screen, or a selected window of a […]

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How To Stay Secure And Invisible on The Internet

Take your quickly vanishing privacy seriously while surfing the Internet and do something for your online security using the neccessary tools. Protect yourself from snoopers and keep an eye on those out to get you. These tools listed below will help you get the job done. They are all FREE! Without a Trace If you […]

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virus and trojans

What Are The Potentially Dangerous File Extensions

Viruses not only attack as an EXE file on your computers thesedays, but they also hide and mask themselves behind seemingly harmless file types such as PDF. Most viruses are started from their victims themselves. In order for this to work, the criminal virus circulators are working with absolutely clever tricks. They wrap and box […]

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Abiword Word Processing : A Perfect Free Alternative To Microsoft Word

Abiword is an excellent, lightweight and fast alternative to Microsoft Word. it is an open-source word processor that allows you to create all kinds of text documents, do wide variety of word processing tasks and use all important fucntions that you expect from a professional word processor. Beside the DOC Format of MS Word, it also understands […]

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Use Tor Browser Bundle To Surf Anonymously And Protect Your Online Privacy

Your online privacy is under attack, when you are surfing the internet. Your inetrnet activities are tracked from all sides, by your ISP, advertising industry, Hackers, intelligence agencies and the governments around the world. They are very much interested in knowing what are your intentions and what are you up to when you surf the […]

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Bitdefender Total Security 2015

Bitdefender Total Security 2015 – Giveaway

The free version of the award-winning BitDefender antivirus continuously and very efficiently scans your entire system and protects you with a proactive virus scanner itself against unknown viruses and malicious rootkits (hidden malwares). This special and powerful antivirus solution ensures 24 hours PC security against threats, whether they originate from the external devices, Internet, local network […]

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Calibre eBook Management

Calibre eBook Converter : The Only Solution For All Your eBook Needs

The eBook is becoming increasingly significant for many people and its a great possibility to read. The Calibre is a free eBook Mangement software that stores books and enables the user to transfer them onto an ebook. It can change the formats of the book to be compatible with a specific eReader. For instance Kindle […]

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