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China’s Oukitel introduces Android phone with most powerful battery

Beijing (Daily Dunya) -Chine phonemaker Oukitel has introduced a new Android phone which contains a massive 10,000 mAh battery. The battery of the mobile – called ‘K10000 PRO’ or ‘King10000’ – takes three hours to charge. The company claims that the phone will work for 10-15 days on standby and can also go on to […]

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memory machines

Smart machines will help us restore memory in future: experts

Vancouver (AFP) – Intelligent machines of the future will help restore memory, mind your children, fetch your coffee and even care for aging parents. It will all be part of a brave new world of the not-so-distant future, in which innovative smart machines, rather than being the undoing of people — as some have long […]

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Islamic daily prayers can reduce lower back pain: study

(Web Desk) – A recent study inferred that Islamic prayer practices can actually reduce pain in lower back if done regularly and according to the general principles. The research was published in International Journal of Industrial and Systems Engineering. There are almost 49 countries with Muslim majority and the Muslim population is at least 1.6 […]

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New Whatsapp features that you must try

Lahore(Web Desk) – From recently launching the video chat option to new features for group chat, the instant messaging app for smartphones Whatsapp keeps bestowing its consumers with the latest updates. Replying to one person in group chat Now people using android or Apple iPhone can reply to one person or highlight the message of […]

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public toilet

Google Introduces Public Toilet Locator in India

New Delhi- Google has joined hands with India’s Ministry of Urban Development to develop a toilet locator service that will help users find clean toilets around them. Initially, the new service has been introduced in New Delhi and Madhya Pradesh. According to Indian Today, Google is adding the location, address and opening hours of over […]

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PC speed optimization

How To Make Your PC Run Faster

You can use different methods to make your PC run faster. Most of the people fail to notice the fact that every new PC has fast speed, but as time progresses, this speed is slowed down with the amount of files, clutter, and random apps that you may have installed on your PC. Unless your […]

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internet archive

Internet Archive: The Future of Long-Term Digital Storage

The internet archive can be used to go back in the history and resort to millions of books, films, audio files, and Web sites since their publication. The web information center “Internet Archive” now claims to have stored over 10 petabytes (1 Petabyte = 1000 Terabytes = 1 Million Gigabytes) of data, including millions of […]

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extend wifi with beer can

How To Boost Your WiFi Signal With a Beer Can

In this article you can follow an interesting and very original tip to boost wireless signal to your computer with a beer can. Its a simple, easy and fast way to extend your wifi internet speed. With only a single empty beer can you can improve your Wi-Fi reception from about 2 bars to around […]

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web and hosting service

Essential Web Hosting Tricks for Beginners

Being new to the internet means that you must know many essential things especially if your desire is to make money. Understanding web hosting tricks is very vital in order to be ahead of competitors in today’s world. You Should Master these five tricks and you will definitely see yourself on the top. 1. Get […]

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online safety

Krebs’s 3 Simple Rules for Online Safety

Brian Krebs is a former reporter for The Washington Post who currently publishes a website on computer security.  He keeps an eye on security news and occasionally does in depth investigation on interesting topics and recently published a list of 3 basic rules for computers safety. Yes, I realize that’s an ambitious title for a […]

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Quadcopter Flying Lessons

How To Fly A Quadcopter: Quadcopter Flying Lessons

The fascination of flying drones continues without any limits. These remote-controlled flying objects monitor company premises, discover structural defects in buildings, replace expensive helicopter flights in film productions or take over the spy plane’s mission in full and gives high level of enjoyment. At the same time more and more young hobby pilots are joining […]

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smartphone repair

Dumb Mobilephone Mistakes And Their Remedy

These are some of the most stupid things you can do with your mobile phones and some tips to protect yourself against these mistakes. Important emails, Bank trasfers, online shoppings and other private secret files and messages, everything is stored in your smartphones. All this makes your life easier but sometimes it may happen that […]

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Free Giveaways

List Of Free Daily Giveaways Sites

If you are looking for a list of legit and free daily great giveaway sites to enter, try the following sites and  If you have any giveaway site, then let us know, we will add it to the list below. List Of Free Daily Giveaways Sites […]

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Turn your smartphone to webcam

How To Use Android Phone As A Webcam For Your PC

Smartphones have really made our life much easier with respect to the communication. The transmission of images also belong to modern social media contacts with increasing trend and regularity. There are not only Skype, Yahoo Messenger and MSN available for this purpose, but also Facebook has implemented a corresponding function. If you don’t have an […]

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unlock your pc

Unlock Your Computer Without a Password Reset Disk

You can do nothing when your computer is locked and you will get more frustrated if you have to pay hundreds of dollars in getting it repaired. A little trick may help you avoid all this stress. You can even do it now without the help of a passord reset disk.

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calling friends with their own numbers

How to Call Your Friends With Their Own Cell Number

You might have tried lots of other tricks available on the Internet which you can use to have fun with your friends. But today I am going to share a trick that can shock your friend by calling your friends with their own cell number. In this trick, you will be able to call any […]

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AntiSnooper for you

How To Protect Your Data From Prying & Spying Eyes ?

AntiSnooper gives you more privacy at work and home. It automatically pixilates programs you are not currently using. AntiSnooper is a kind of privacy filter that protects your open applications, data, chat browsers and other certain programs that contain sensitive or private information, from prying and spying eyes of your colleagues standing behind you or […]

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convert website to pdf

How To Convert Any WebPage To PDF

You can convert a webpage easily in to PDF to store and read it in offline environment. There are two good online tools available to convert webpage in to PDF free of charge and you can also take advantage of them. Some paid versions are also available to customize your PDF in detail. The two […]

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the most deadly keywords

What Are The Most Dangerous Search Keywords On The Internet?

Anyone looking for popular topics on the Internet, often ends up on websites with malicious codes and contents. Those who want to be informed about current political events, entertainment and games, are at risk. Words such as “Rihanna”, “Barack Obama”, “free”, “Jonas Brothers” and “Work from Home” are high on the list of the most […]

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password safety

How to Protect Your USB Drive From Unwanted Access

This tutorial will show you how to make a super-hidden folder with your protected files in it and how to write a batch file which opens that folder when you type the correct password. sure you can achieve similar result with encrypted archives, but where’s the fun in that?

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better battery life phone

How To Improve Your Phone’s Battery Life

The Smartphone’s battery life is very important to its user. Smartphones perform and promise a lot. But, unfortunately, their battery often gets worn out, weaken and runs down much too early, this happens usualy during an important conversation and the battery runs down suddenly. This is quite annoying, but avoidable because few tricks can help […]

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gift wrapping tips for christmas

Cool Gift Wrapping Tips For Christmas

Cool tips and tricks about how to wrap your christmas gifts. Good to learn these gift wrapping tips for christmas holidays, and make your family friends happy on this lovely occasion.

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Turn Smartphone into a 3D Hologram

How To Turn your Smartphone into a 3D Hologram

A neat and cool working trick to turn your smartphone into a 3D Hologram. For best results, use thinner glass coz thinner glass works best for this purpose. The thicker the glass the worse it is. You end up with two images about 6mm apart with 6mm glass. Also use dremel or a hot knife […]

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Use Tor Browser Bundle To Surf Anonymously And Protect Your Online Privacy

Your online privacy is under attack, when you are surfing the internet. Your inetrnet activities are tracked from all sides, by your ISP, advertising industry, Hackers, intelligence agencies and the governments around the world. They are very much interested in knowing what are your intentions and what are you up to when you surf the […]

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Live a Life Worth Living

Live a Life Worth Living : Four Steps to Overcome a Traumatic Setback

Celebrate the effort, not the result. Failures and defeats are facts and inevitable parts of life. It is unrealistic and impossible to sail through the life without experiencing some kind of failure. Unfortunately, some people don’t really live at all because they live so cautiously that they go nowhere. Many tasks and challenges for which […]

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perfect circle trick

Perfect Circle Freehand Trick: Drawing A Superb Circle Was Never So Easy

Some of us might have tried to draw a circle freehand on a piece of paper during the school days and having difficulties doing it finally gave up, as the result really looked different than a circle. But now its literally time to throw your compass in the trash and make your life easier. In […]

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