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Powerful Emotions: How Love Changes People

Marina abramovic and her then boyfriend Ulay broke up in the 1970’s, and then more than 30 years later, Marina held a live art performance. She spent one minute in silence with complete strangers. One specific man captured her attention in a special way. It turned out that the man was Ulay. This reunion of […]

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Cute baby glasses

Touching Moment Baby Sees Parents Clearly For First Time

A happy mother Jessica Sinclair from Ohio, has captured the moment that her baby girl Piper could see the world clearly for the very first time after being given a pair of glasses. The reaction of the cute Baby melts the hearts of thousands. This Baby has a very weak eyesight but now the priceless […]

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SOAR animated short film

SOAR Animated A Beautiful Story A cross between Miyazaki and Pixar, SOAR is an award-winning 3D animated movie about a young girl who must help a tiny boy pilot fly home before it’s too late. Soar is the proud 2015 Gold Winner of the 42nd Student Oscars, Best Student Animation Winner at Palm Springs, Finalist at the Student BAFTAs, […]

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6 years old wise girl

A Beautiful Message From A Wise Little Sweet Heart This little 6 years old wise girl is giving a wake up call to her divorced parents. Its a beautiful lesson for not only her parents, but every parent, divorced or not. Divorce after having kids is never a good solution, it ruins the childhood.

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turtle medication

Poo Turtle: This Will Melt Your Heart This heartbreaking video will melt your heart. I will not throw away a straw ever again.

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Miguel Rivera

Miguel Rivera – Beat It (Michael Jackson) – Solo guitar Beat it by Michael Jackson, arranged and performed by acoustic guitar master Miguel Rivera . In honor of the anniversary of Michael Jackon’s passing away. Follow Miguel on Facebook:

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A little act of kindness

A Dog Returns Man’s Kindness Beyond His Imagination

A dog returns man’s kindness beyond the man’s imagination in this Thai commercial. The story of a young man who sacrificed his meatball snack after seeing a hungry dog on the street. His little act of kindness was returned by the dog beyond his expectations. It is a touching and cute viral commercial by a […]

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Ronnie’s Weight Loss Journey : An Inspirational Video That You Will Not Forget

Ronnie loses 400 pounds because of his hard work and Taylor Swift Music. 28 years old young man had very bad eating habits and weighed 675 pounds. The doctors warned him that he would possibly die before the age of 35 and wouldn’t live longer than that unless he made serious efforts to reduce his […]

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Experiment Children Abduction

Child Abduction Social Experiment : How Easy It Is To Kidnap Your Child

According to the youtuber Joey Salads, more than 700 children are abducted everyday but still many parents think their child is the one who won’t fall for it. Thats why Joey performed a social test in which he wanted to find out and show how easily children go along with strangers, despite the fact that […]

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emotional cute baby

Emotional Cute Baby: The True Colors of a Little Soul

A little emotional cute baby girly.! only 10 months old when this video was taken (according to her mom). Her mother sings a song in her beautiful voice and look at baby’s reactions, they are really cute, precious and pricelessess. if that is the extent of emotions right now, what will they be when she […]

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West of the Moon story

The Lost Love: West of the Moon

‘West of the Moon’ is the story of one man’s lost love and his strange path to redemption, aided along the way by a gambling robot, a wayward monkey, and a healthy dose of determination. It is written, Directed, & Animated by Brent Bonacorso.

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