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Can Laptop WiFi Damage Your Sperm?

WiFi Radiations from WiFi connections can reduce sperm activity in up to a quarter of men, a new study has suggested. Conrado Avendano and his team from the Nascentis Medicina Reproductiva in Cordoba also found that working on a laptop wirelessly may hamper a man’s chances of fatherhood. The researchers took sperms from 29 men […]

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dictionaries and references

50 Plus Dictionary & Reference Sites

There are many Dictionary, reference and encyclopedia sites that are thriving thesedays and helping the users find what they are exactly looking for. Internet is a very big plateform for outstanding and trusted references and dictionary websites, Here is a list of some of the most popular and trusted websites for this purpose.

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When websites were born

When Websites Were Young and Tender

Those were the days when websites were still so young and simple. The good past that went away but see how big is the difference between now and then. The present is clay because we can mold it. But the past is stone because we can never change it. Take a look at these websites […]

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tesla car snake

Tesla Charger Snake Finding Its Way To Model S

Creepy and high-tech Tesla Charger snake automatically finds its way to connect to the car and charge it. Would be funny if it missed and put a big scratch on the side of the car in slow motion 🙂

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velfie craze

When Selfie Isn’t Enough: India Abuzz Over ‘Velfie’ Craze

Mumbai (AFP) – Move over selfie, India is embracing the “velfie” with Bollywood stars, sporting heroes and even politicians taking and posting videos of themselves online using a range of new mobile apps. From lip-synching famous movie scenes and quizzing political leaders to interviewing job candidates, Indian tech firms are betting on the latest craze […]

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3D printed office dubai

Dubai Plans To Build 3-D Printed Office Building

Dubai (AP) – Fast-growing Dubai, where something new is always being added to the skyline, may have found a way to make construction move even faster. The Gulf commercial hub on Tuesday announced plans to add the world s first office building made using three-dimensional printer technology to its collection of eye-catching buildings. Mohammed al-Gergawi, […]

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Gmail Rolls Out ‘Undo Send’ Option For Emails

Almost every one of us has experienced an email blunder at some point, i.e. sending an email to the wrong person or to the right one but with an embarrassing typo. Now Gmail has rolled out a feature that lets you recall a message within 30 seconds of it being sent. Gmail originally launched the […]

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Google play music

Google Play Enters Free Streaming With Radio

New York (AFP) – Google Play on Tuesday expanded to Internet radio, becoming the latest streaming player to provide free content despite controversy among artists. The Internet search giant’s streaming service said it was launching a curated online radio network that would be free for listeners with the support of advertisements. Google Play subscribers, who […]

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Future In-Flight Entertainment Will Know When You’re Asleep

Le Bourge (AFP) – The next generation of in-flight entertainment will include screens that know when you ve fallen asleep, while new apps will very soon let you sync your personal devices with the onboard system. At the Paris Air Show this week French manufacturer Thales has been showing off its prototype for the next […]

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pillow cellphone holder

Japan Firm Sells Human Pillow Cellphone Holder

Tokyo (AFP) – What s shaped like your friend and even sounds like your friend, but isn t actually your friend? Why, a human-shaped pillow with a slot in its head for a cellphone, of course. One Japanese venture is looking to solve that problem of feeling distant when speaking on the telephone by offering […]

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Google’s New Android Seeks To Make Smartphone Smarter

San Francisco (AFP) – Google s updated Android mobile software seeks to make the smartphone smarter, while keeping the search titan relevant in a world where people rely on apps on the go. At its annual Google developers conference Thursday, Google offered a preview of Android M, due for release later this year, with an […]

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smartphone microscope used to detect blood parasit

Using A Smartphone Microscope To Detect Parasites in Blood

Washington (AP) – Prick a finger and have the blood checked for parasites by smartphone? Scientists are turning those ubiquitous phones into microscopes and other medical tools that could help fight diseases in remote parts of the world. In the newest work, University of California, Berkeley, researchers used a smartphone-run video microscope to target a […]

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Kathmandu Earthquake Drone Footage

Nepali Earthquake Drone Footage: A Bird’s Eye View of The Scale of Destruction

Kishore Rana, who is an expat-Nepali living in Florida, USA, has shared an incredible video taken from his Quadcopter camera drone on his Facebook page.This footage I am going to Re-share, shows an aerial view of the massive destruction in Nepali capital Kathmandu, which was rocked by an enormous earthquake and aftershocks on Saturday, 25th […]

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youtube first ever video

The Oldest & Very First YouTube-Video Celebrating Its 10th Anniversary

The oldest and very first Youtube-video is celebrating its 10th anniversary. The YouTube Co-founder Jawed Karim uploaded a 18 seconds long clip with an unimpressive title “me at the zoo” on the video platform. The date was 23rd April 2005 and the time 08:27 PM, Titled “Me At The Zoo”, was the very first video […]

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Cyber wars

User Mistakes Aid Most Cyber Attacks, Verizon and Symantec Studies Show

(Reuters) – When a cyber security breach hits the news, those most closely involved often have incentive to play up the sophistication of the attack. If hackers are portrayed as well-funded geniuses, victims look less vulnerable, security firms can flog their products and services, and government officials can push for tougher regulation or seek more […]

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Computer Users Face Hard Choice—Pay Ransom Or Lose Files

New York(AP) – It s a chilling moment: A message appears on a computer screen, saying the files are encrypted and the only way to access them is by paying a ransom. It happened at Jeff Salter s home health care business last December. The network of nearly 30 computers at Caring Senior Service was […]

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hearts problem

New Tool To Foretell Heart Attack/Stroke Risk

Paris (AFP) – Over the age of 40? Want to know your risk of suffering a fatal heart attack or stroke in the next 10 years? Read on. A new instrument dubbed Globorisk, unveiled Thursday, will allow you to determine your risk simply by inputting your age, gender, blood pressure and cholesterol numbers, whether you […]

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IP Box for iPhone

Bruteforcing The iOS Screenlock

Its not a good idea if you protect your iPhone with four digits Pin Code. Criminals have a tool with which they can crack your Phone very easily. This small black box in the video below seems unimpressive but it can crack every iPhone. Criminals can unlcok iPhones and iPads using this so called “IP […]

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solar plane enters pakistani air space

Solar Plane Lands in India To Complete First Sea Leg

Ahmedabad (AFP) – Solar Impulse 2 landed in India late on Tuesday, completing the first major sea leg of its epic bid to become the first solar-powered plane to fly around the world. The aircraft touched down in the western state of Gujarat at 11:25 pm local time (1755 GMT) to finish its second leg […]

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Apple Smartwatch with iPhone

Apple SmartWatch: Its Designed To Work With iPhone Only

The Apple Watch ships on April 24 with prices starting at $350 for the Sports model and $10,000 for a limited edition in 18kt gold. Do you really need this? With the Apple Smartwatch the Apple CEO Tim Cook launches its first own product series. The pressure is immense, the expectations are high. Will the […]

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apple devices

Apple Takes Leap Into New Territory With Smartwatch

San Francisco (AFP) – Apple s hotly-anticipated smartwatch is expected to debut Monday as the trend-setting firm sets out to make stylish wrist-worn computers must-have accessories for modern lifestyles. Industry trackers say Apple Watch will star at a media event being held at the same San Francisco theater where the California tech giant introduced the […]

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The Oceans Of Mars

The Vast Oceans Of Mars: Measuring Mars Ancient Ocean

For decades, planetary scientists have suspected that ancient Mars was a much warmer, wetter environment than it is today, but estimates of just how much water Mars has lost since its formation vary widely. Now, new isotopic measurements by researchers at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center reveal that an ocean once covered approximately twenty percent […]

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android browser fear attack

Apple, Android Browsers Vulnerable To ‘FREAK attack’

San Francisco (AP) – Millions of people may have been left vulnerable to hackers while surfing the web on Apple and Google devices, thanks to a newly discovered security flaw known as “FREAK attack.” There s no evidence so far that any hackers have exploited the weakness, which companies are now moving to repair. Researchers […]

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coffee is good for health

Modest Coffee Consumption Good For The Heart: Study

Paris (AFP) – People who drink three to five cups of coffee a day may have a lower risk of clogged arteries that can cause serious heart problems, a study said Tuesday. The South Korean research is the latest on the health effects of the popular brew, previously associated with a reduced risk of developing […]

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google new glass palace

Google Glass Palace: Internet Giant is Building A New Headquarter in California

Vice President of Real Estate Dave Radcliffe and architects Thomas Heatherwick and Bjarke Ingels discuss our proposed Master Plan for our new campus in Mountain View, California. With our proposal, our focus is on creating space for people, nature and ideas to thrive.

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Android/PowerOffHijack: This Android Malware Can Spy On You Even When Phone Is Off

A new malware for Android devices is capable of making calls, sending out text messages to third parties and taking photos even after the user has apparently switched off their smartphone. The malicious program, which was discovered by AVG security research firm, works by hijacking the shutting down process of the mobile device. When the […]

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Ladyzunga Cyborg colombia

Ladyzunga To Abcdefg: This Woman is Now Called Abcdefg Hijklmn Opqrst Uvwxyz

For two long years this woman fought for the right to change her name – now her wish is fulfilled. This 36 years old Colombian woman  is now called … Abcdefg HIJKLMN opqrst UVWXYZ. She often changes names and was previously known as Ladyzunga Cyborg. The 36-year-old has a bad habit for unusual names quite […]

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