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mummified child

Mummified Child Sacrifice : A Museum Unveils A Long-Frozen Maiden

Mummified Child Sacrifice: Near the Chilean border, their frozen bodies were among the best preserved mummies ever found, with internal organs intact, blood still present in the heart and lungs, and skin and facial features mostly unscathed. No special effort had been made to preserve them. The maiden, the boy, the girl of lightning: they […]

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BURIYAL professional Clicking

How To Get Millions Of Video Clicks

You must be wondering why your youtube videos don’t go viral while others get millions of views and clicks in just few days. Actually, you don*t need any viewer for your video to go viral. Hire this company BURYAL and get millions of video clicks in a short time. And it looks like real persons […]

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Tasty iPhone: Elephant Ate My iPhone

Tasty iPhone: it tasted like coconut and banana. That girl is lucky it was an iPhone if it was any other phone it would’ve come out in many pieces. The funny thing is she spent 3 days waiting for the Elephant to have a shit so she could retrieve her phone. 🙂 . An elephant […]

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Dimitri Finds Out Today Is Friday

Dimitri was looking forward for the weekend but Dimitri didn’t know it was friday today. Music title “Sound of Sunday” BY joonas hahmo.

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Never seen star wars before

This Friendly Dude Has Never Seen Starwars

This friendly dude has never seen starwars in his life. See how his friends deal with him in this video. They are making him realise the huge life errors he’d made. May be this will make your day. 🙂

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Pita Katness

Pita Love Is Everywhere

Pita here, Pita there. Pita is just everywhere. After a long, hard day, this Pita will bring a smile to your face and you will want some Pita too.

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slapping machine

The Wakeup Machine

This Wakeup alarm clock will wake you up in the morning by slapping you in the face with a rubber arm like an abusive boyfriend. But some dudes take no stress and they just keep sleeping even when they have a flight to catch. 🙂

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halloween candy kids

I Ate All Your Halloween Candy Prank 2015

I told my kids I ate all their Halloween Candy and this was the result. May be, you have been waiting the whole year for this video 🙂 but if yu do it to your kids, they will hate you.

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Bryan Wilson

The Best Attorney Advertisement Ever In The History Of TV

This is probably the best attorney advertisement ever in the history of tv that will make your day. Bryan Wilson, the Texas Law Hawk at its best.

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scary Halloween

100 Years Of Halloween Costumes

You might have celebrated the Halloween and dressed up in a wonderful scariest Halloween costume. Specially children love to dress up in scary and creepy vampire, zombie and monster costumes on that day. This video will show you 100 Years of Halloween Costumes in 3 just Minutes. See how the style changes with time.

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lyricism at its best by hopsin

Rap Today Sucks Bad : Lyricism At Its Best By Hopsin

This is the reason people love Hopsin. The Lyricism at its best by Hopsin that gives you a good laugh and makes your day.

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pizza delivery tip

Thats What Happens When You Don’t Tip The Pizza Delivery guy Tip the pizza delivery guy. Do not tip the Pizza delivery guy?. Its upto you. But the best thing is to bake your pizza yourself, its easy and you know how its made. When people tip, they discriminate . This video will show you what happens when you don’t tip the pizza delivery guy.

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honey boo boo

Honey Boo Boo For Fun

This Chubby honey boo boo will take good care of your chubby phoo phoo ears. 😉 Have a nice weekend with this new trend. !!

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grandpa pool fun

Grandpa Pool Fun Grandpa pool fun. He saved some magazine but sacrificed the drink. May be the grandkids were still in there. 🙂

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funny old spice ads

Epic Old Spice Ad

Terry Crews and Isaiah Mustafa have returned together to face off in a new splendid Old Spice ad. Enjoy this epic ad entertainment and be inspired to choose which Old Spice product scent best suits you as an individual. Fantastic marketing campaigns by Old spice.

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funny sousaphone kkk

KKK Marchers Going To Rally But A Trolling Sousaphone Player Ruins It All

May be the world needs more sousaphone. 🙂 This was the KKK rally in Columbia SC on 18th July. A trolling sousaphone player dude ruins it all in an epic way.

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Texting kills

Texting Kills: No Text Is Worth A Life

This is why women should be required to either choose to have a phone or drivers license. Texting kills and happens everyday but no matter how many times they see this video, they are still gonna do texting.

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shin lim talented magician

This Talented Magician Even Fooled Penn & Teller

Shin Lim is undoubtedly one of the best sleight of hand artists you have ever seen. The show offers aspiring magicians from across the United Kingdom the chance to perform their most mystifying trick to fool popular magicians Penn & Teller.

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grabbar claws girl friend

Never Thought Grabbar Claw Can Be So Much Fun

In this video you are going to meet the most Patient woman in the history of mankind. You will love how this guy becomes progressively more skilled at using it as the video goes on. The power of a simple 1 dollar grabber claw can bring so much fun to your Family. 🙂 . Just […]

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7 onion cutting tricks

7 Brilliant Ways To Chop An Onion

Onion cutting is an annoying task and a lot of people cry while cutting onions. These tricks will not only save your time but also prevent your from crying while cutting onions in the kitchen. Onion chopping technology has come a long way since the 1940’s, but few people take advantage of it. That’s why […]

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Asian garden littleton new hampshire

Asian Garden Littleton NH: Not All Chinese Restaurants Look Like This

Chinese Restaurants mostly offer very delicious variations of food at flat rate for lunch and dinner. You pay a fixed price and eat as much as you can. And you go back home with a full stomach and a happy heart. But you never know whats happening in the kitchen unless you see this video. […]

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Grandfather skateboard prank

Hillarious Grandfather Skateboard Prank by Danny Leon

As the locals in Lagzapi skatepark in the Spanish capital Madrid saw some retired old people coming towards them, they had probably expected anything else but not this. Antena 3 tv spain contacted one of the best skaters in the world to execute this prank. The Danny Leon spent a few hours to dress up […]

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Girl Uses Slingbow To Pull Out Tooth

Girl Uses Slingbow To Pull Out Tooth

For most children loosing a tooth is a tedious process, spent patiently waiting for their tooth to fall out. But little Alexis Davidson, 11, decided to take matters into her own hands – tying her tooth to a sling bow and firing it out of her mouth. Slow motion footage, taken by her father Jason […]

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wingsuit 5 meter cave stunt

Man With A Death Wish Flies Through Five-Foot Cave In A Wingsuit

Death wish or a zest for life? But this is how Batman feels. This man flies through a 5 foot tall cave in a wingsuit. Dean Potter died attempting to do the same illegally in Yosemite park where there is a similar rock formation. His GoPro footage showed him and a friend both missing the […]

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Americans Try Surströmming : The Smelliest Food On Palnet Earth

Just imagine the stinkiest taste you know about and multiply it by 1000 and mix it with rotten onions and your smelly breath, yes all this makes ideal Surströmming (fermented herring), the Smelliest food on palnet earth. Surströmming is a traditional fish delicacy in Sweden that is fermented in barrels for a couple of months, […]

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Farts R Us

Farts R us : Guy Farts Epic Loud In Court Hearing

They say never hold in your farts because a fart is halirious anytime anywhere. if you got gas, you gotta let it out and how come nobody in court is laughing? I would have landed in the slammer for sure. But the judge in this video did not feel like farting around. Odor! Odor in […]

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Dotty : A Charmingly Funny And Bittersweet Story

This funny and touching little film about an old lady struggling to send a text message has been charming the pants off film festival audiences from Tokyo to Nantucket – where it won Best Short Film. It will have you both laughing and reaching for a tissue.

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