Charge Your Smart Home, Mobile Devices Via Infrared Light Beam

(Web Desk) – Wi-Charge, an Israeli technology startup has developed remote charging solutions that essentially enable mobile and wireless devices to seamlessly recharge themselves without user intervention.

Wi-Charge’s technology delivers up to 10W of power over 30 feet to multiple devices via an infrared light beam. This technology allows smart home and mobile devices a source of unlimited and safe power.

The company has developed a wireless power receiver that can be integrated into smart home devices such as IP-cameras and smart sensors, as well as a paired wireless power transmitter that users can simply install by plugging it into a regular electrical socket. The mobile phone product in the works will consist of a user-installed power transmitter and a matching receiver such as a phone case sleeve.

Leveraging a unique and proprietary technology, Wi-Charge delivers a REAL power (watts) over REAL distance (meters).

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