Children’s snoring indicate serious health problems

Lahore (Daily Dunya) – If your child has a habit of snoring for at least four days a week then it indicates towards his serious nature of health problems.

ENT expert David McIntosh while explaining the natter says that, “Breathing is an automated process, controlled by the brain. By monitoring chemical levels in the blood, the brain can work out if the breathing is working properly,” quoted Kidspot.

“The problem of airway obstruction [which is what happens when you are snoring] though is that even if the brain recognises there is a problem, increasing the effort of breathing achieves very little,” he added. “Furthermore, blockage to breathing results in oxygen levels in the blood dropping. This is something the brain does not like very much.”

Through his research and through observing children who habitually snore, McIntosh has seen evidence of reduced attention, higher levels of social problems and anxiety, depressive symptoms, cognitive dysfunctions, memory problems and problems with thinking through things logically.

Courtesy Via: Dunyanewstv

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