Chirp iPhone-App : Share Your Files Using Sound

chirp iphone App

The free Chirp iPhone-App brings an advanced sharing system in the Apple App Store. Chirp is an special App with which you can share  pictures, notes, Music and links between various IOS devices from one place to another using short busrts of sound. It needs an Internet connection.

Chirp iPhone-App details:

Right now this App is only available for iPhone and iPad but soon it will be there for the Android too as the work for Android Chirp App is curently in progress. To put this App in action, you need to open the app and shoot a photo. it will be uploaded to the cloud store of the system and encoded automatically and a little Audio-Signal rings out via fingertip on the Chirp button


So if the app is openend on another iOS device in your close proximity,  the file will be transferred within a  second. This is especially useful if you want to send a file, an image or a link to multiple people in your area at the same time.


Download Chirp App for iPhone here

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