Google maps cloud free

Cloud Free Google Maps: Google Removes Clouds From Satellite Images

Google maps cloud free

In Google’s mapping service Google Maps and Google Earth no more clouds can now be seen on any satellite image and the users can see and recognize more at all zooming levels, since no disturbing cloud-belts cover the views anymore. Google announced it in a blog entry. For this purpose, they combined satellite-images at different shoot times so that clouds are no longer visible, which provides unhampered and Clouds free Google Maps snapsots of Earth’s topography and more detailed looks at previously low-resolution areas of the google maps.

The resolution of many maps parts has already been significantly improved. With the help of Google Earth Engine and the government-owned Landsat 7 satellite, the company went through hundreds of terabytes of satellite maps data and built a new global image of the earth which is significantly better resolved than before with its 15 meters per pixel resolution.

Matt Hancher who is the Tech Lead for Google Earth Engine, wrote in his blogpost: “We’re unveiling new satellite imagery for all Google mapping products today. This stunning new imagery of the earth from space virtually eliminates clouds, includes refreshed imagery for regions of the world where high-resolution imagery is not yet available, and offers a more comprehensive and accurate view of the texture of our planet’s landscape,”.

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