Coming soon: Wireless nappies and 3G slippers!

Wireless nappies and 3G slippers
Mobile phone companies are coming up with more and more weird ideas to lure customers- with the latest being the development of 3G slippers and wireless nappies.

Rather than selling more phones, mobile firms are now looking to squeeze more revenue from the customers and networks they have already established.

Engineers are developing ‘SmartSlippers’ with a tracking chip in them that will notify your relatives when you fall.

“Think of what can be gathered just off your feet,” the Daily Mail quoted David Schieffelin, chief executive of manufacturers 24eight, as telling the Wall Street Journal.

“Why shouldn”t something as innocuous as a data device be placed into fuzzy slippers?” Schieffelin added.

Researchers are also working on wireless nappies that will send parents a text message when their child needs attention.

“A parent can remotely monitor a care centre and get ‘diaper wet’ messages when they are at work,” added Schieffelin.


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