Crazy Aeromobil : World’s First Flying Car Unveiled At Vienna Tech Show

aeromobilA Slovakian company has now unveiled the prototype of a fully-functional world’s most advanced flying car at Vienna Tech show on Wedenesday .This official video footage from Aeromobil shows the sleek design of carbon and steel prototype.

The Aeromobil 3.0 is 6 metres long, weighs 400 kg and has a reported top groundspeed of 124mph and a flight range of 544 miles which is enough to reach Aberdeen from London. It is powered by 100 horsepower 4 cylinder engine. Aeromobile 3.0 runs on gasoline and can travel more than 400 miles a tank with a top speed 124mph but without a pressurized cabin, altitude is limited to 90 to 100 feet.


Crazy Aeromobil : Video

The company says the model can go on sale as early as 2017 but that anyone hoping to add it to their fleet will need a pilot’s license. Aeromobil insists the vehicle does not need to operate from an Airport but it does require a landing strip of at least 50 metres. The slovakian company has successfully conducted a test-flight and expects its vehicle to comply with European regulations on cars and light aircraft.

Aeromobil 3.0 Cockpit :


Aeromobil 3.0 (Drive and Fly):

Aerpmobil 3.0


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