Florian Kohler Pool Trickshots Master

Crazy Pool Trickshots: You have never seen pool like this before

Florian Kohler pushes innovation to challenge the laws of physics at every turn with his impossible pool trickshots. He has been on his world trickshot tours in many countries of the world. Kohler began experimenting with his own versions of awesome trickshots at the age of 18, used to watch videos online trying to imitate them at the beginning and finally developed many new artistic concepts.  Florian has set a record for highest jump shot on a moving ball at 23 inches.

this is what the world 9 and 10 Ball Chapmion Darren Appleton says about him:

“I love watching Florian. He’s the best trickshot artist I’ve ever seen. The guy is a freak of nature.”

Florian Kohler is a master of artistic pool sport and all his crazy pool trickshots in this video are real.


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