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Cyber-Attack Alarm: Every Fourth and Millions Worldwide Use Outdated Browsers

Internet security risks

Kaspersky Security Experts have revealed that every fourth surfer is using an outdated browser and almost one in ten use even the outdated previous version of the browser. Kaspersky recommends that users should always use the current browser with the latest security updates because a large number of cyber attacks come from the internet by misusing and exploitig the weak spots vulnerabilities and the outdated browser plugins.

Cyber-Attack Alarm:

Kaspersky has now discovered after having done an anonymous analysis of browser usage behaviour of its customers,  which says that nearly quarter of the worldwide internet users are working with an outdated internet browsers creating big gap in internet security. Almost 15 % would like to use the previous version of the browser even when the latest version is already there for download. Statisticallly about 8.5 percent would still use the older browser versions. Study also  found that almost 23% out of 10 million customers were already using those browser that were not equipped with the latest internet security updates and plugins. For most of the users, it will take over a month utnil they perform the browser upgrades and the rest take considerably even longer and until then, the already dangerous gaps of the older version becomes known and can be exploited by the cyber-Attacker.

According the the Kaspersky study, the internet explorer is still the favourite and most popular browser of the users as it is used by 37.8% of the whole users followed by google Chrome which is used by 36.5% users and the Firefox is used by 19.5% of the total users.

Kaspersky study shows that 80.2% of Internet explorer users were using the most recent browser, followed by 79.2% of Chrome users, 66.1% of FireFox users and 78.1% of Opera users, 3.9% were using old browsers IE 6 and 7. Kaspersky has also searched the time the users need to update their browsers and the results show that Chrome users need 32 days, Opera users need 30 days and Firefox users require 27 days to upgrade their browser’s security features. Kaspersky concluded that this study only concerns private users, whereas in the companies the users have less freedom than homes thats why they use the older browser’s versions with maximum risk.




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