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Cyber Bank Heist: 8 to Be Charged in $45 Million Cyber Bank Heist

Investigators say the plot involved a network of criminals in 26 countries.

The NYPD has smashed a gang of cyber criminals who got away with $ 45 millions from 4500 ATM Machines in 26 countries. According to the investigators, the perpetrators acquired the access to computer systems of banks and manipulated the data of credit cards.

The New York Attorney General announced on Thursday that seven men were already arrested. The 8th suspect fall victim to a murder only days earlier in the Dominican Republic.

Attorney Loretta Lynch spoke of a “massive bank robbery in the 21st century Style, which extends over the Internet and has the whole world in its range and reach. Instead of guns and masks they used laptops and Internet .”

The Cyber Bank Heist criminals manipulated and tampered with the limits of credit cards and increased them and after having done the manipulation of card’s data, they withdrew the money from 4500 ATM machines in about 26 countries worldwide.

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