The Coolest Virtual Reality System

Cyberith Virtualizer Battlefield 4: The Next Level Of Virtual Reality

Some people just don’t understand how far technology has come. Like it or not! It exists and it’s amazing. If you have this at home, you’d never leave the house again. In 10 years this kind of gaming will be on a whole different level. We will look back and think this is just the atari of the time. It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity and the reality leaves a lot to the imagination.

Cyberith Virtualizer Battlefield 4 might actually be a good workout seeing how big some battlefield maps are. A good fitness excercise to get in shape. An awesome way to play, workout and lose weight all at the same time. I wonder how swimming would work but it is definitely an ultimate virtual reality system for everyone, young and old.

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