Cymera Android App: The Best Camera Application

Cymera Android App

Cymera App is a free Android App to shoot professional photos with cool fancy effects. Whether you want it for social network or as a passport photo, Using Cymera magic with only little effort, you can take very handsome portrait photos for any purpose.

You can take a new snapshot using the different seven camera lenses available for picture variations , including double-and multi-screen options. The timer and a stabilizing function is also included among the various other shooting modes . You can Pull the Record button to the left or right to set the correct zoom fixing.

Blur effects, color tones and cutting tools are also available among the other various filter options. Pictures that are taken with the front camera, are by default upside – but with two simple clicks you can rotate the photo, and bring it back in the correct position.

Taking cool pics and editing them instantly has never been so easy and smooth as it is now with cymera Android App. Cymera Android App is perfect choice especially for Close-ups and Portraits.

Cymera Android App requires Android OS 2.2 or higher.  Using the link below you can install this application directly from the Android Market.  Moreover, you can also use Beauty effects and fun decoration features by using face recognition and Automatic face recognition feature. You can easily share your photo on various global SNS such as Facebook, Twitter, Cyworld, Mixsch and Weibo. So have fun with 7 great lenses and 4 different shooting modes of Cymera,

Download Cymera Android App Here

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