FBI wants Real-Time access to gmail

Data Snoopers: FBI Wants Real-Time Access To Your Gmail, Skype & Drop Box

FBI wants Real-Time access to gmail

The US FBI wants more powers to get real-time access to spy on your gmail accounts, Skype, Drop Box and internet chats, later this year. Up until now, the FBI has only access to the archives of users e-mail accounts on the basis of the Electronic Communications Privacy Act. According to the reports, the head of the FBI’s legal department, Andrew Weissmann defined an extension of the monitoring possibilities on the Internet as a Top FBI priority for 2013.

Although it is easily possible to pickup the e-mails of a user through the current provider. However, because of the flood of the electronic messages you get the information you need,  often too late, and it is flowing across networks and relies on the company to provide it with access.

By the real-time access to email, chat clients like Skype and cloud services, the U.S. Federal Bureau of investigation FBI expects better control of the communication.“These communication channels are used to communicate criminals”, said Weissman.

According to the reports by Slate Magazine, the FBI general counsel Weissmann gave a few updates on the FBI’s efforts to address what it calls the “going dark” problem, how the rise in popularity of Email and social networks has stifled its ability to monitor communications as they are being transmitted.

More special details about FBI Data Snoopers in the video below:

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