Download MedCalc (medical calculator)

medical calculatorMedCalc is a free medical calculator, that gives you easy access to a wide array of medical formulas and scores, classifications plus scales. MedCalc leverages years of experience in bringing medical equations to physicians in an easy to use, yet very powerful format.

MedCalc is one of the most popular medical applications on iPhone as it has been downloaded more than 700’000 times since its iOS beginning.

Main Features:

  • Custom overlaid controls: no sliding in and out to input values
  • A very large selection of formulas and scores
  • Support for US and SI units, with easy switching from the keypad
  • Detailed information and bibliographic references for each formula
  • Search for equations by name or keywords
  • Customizable list of favorite equations
  • List of recently used equations
  • Free (and open source)

Download Medcalc Here for Free

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