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Cameyo Software

Always have the right software with you whereever you go. Normally it is not possible as the softwares need to be installed first but now you can do it, as there is a tool like Cameyo with which you can wrap up normal programs in portable EXE files and have them ready always and run from everywhere you go. You don’t need to install and reisntall software packages anymore.

Using Cameyo, you can convert any software installation into an .exe file to make a new installation of the program obsolete and finally package large and complex software packages into a single independent file.

The new designed software Cameyo 2.0 offers even more apps and additional functions. Its the only 100% free application virtualization software. There is also an exclusive and extensive packed library of more than 500 pre-packed programs available for immediate Download. You can download them easily and comfortably and use them without any installation process, All is ready for you. In 10 different categories of Browser to snapshots upto the  tools you can find freewares and other useful softwares to try out. Even all time favourites and hits like CCleaner and XMBC media center plus spybots destroyers, Security software, Antiviruses are also available.

Over Cameyo online you can load apps directly out of the programs, Just register yourself for free and then under “My Cloud Apps” you can easily put together your own personal My-App-Lists and you don’t have to go therough the whole catalogue each time you want a Program. The “Packer Online,” which will automatically generate programs from unknown mobile versions, but it is not recommended as it is not error-free as yet. You can even create your portable-apps if you unable to find your favourite program in the databank. The Cameyo does the installation process just once and then generates a portable executable (EXE) files.


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