Lightweight Portable Security

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Lightweight Portable Security

The U.S. Defense Department has provided its own Linux distribution free of charge to download for everyone. Its called Lightweight Portable Security, briefly abbreviated as ( LPS ) which should combine safety and mobility together and will run and start from CD or USB stick.

The U.S. Department of Defense has developed a live Linux-based system with LPS. Ths free operating system can only be started from a CD or a USB stick. Although, you can not access the hard drive of the PC you are currently using (local computer), but you will also leave no traces of your work activity on it. It means without the risk of exposing your credentials and private data to malware, key loggers and other Internet threats and you can work peacfully. LPS-Public actually turns an untrusted system (such as a home computer) into a trusted network client.

The SPI developed the LPS family to address particular use cases. LPS-Public is a general-purpose, safer solution for using web-based applications. The accredited LPS-Remote Access is only for accessing your organization’s private network.

Opticaly LPS looks confusingly similar to Windows 2000. Using Start button and other popular Windows buttons and icons, even those folks will find their way easily who are still very new to Linux operating system. Other most important programs for working are also on board including Firefox browser, office suite (Open Office), PDF tool (Adobe Reader),  SSH client or calculator are already installed.

LPS is ideally suited to handle confidential matters online on other computers.

Download Lightweight Portable Security from Below Links

LPS-Public 1.3.5 (ISO)   (178 MB)

LPS-Public 1.3.5 (ISO) Deluxe (382 KB)


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