MyPc Plus 2.7

Download MyPC Plus : Know Your System in a Much Better Way

MyPc Plus 2.7

“MyPC Plus” is basically a system and hardware information utility.”MyPC plus” is a free tool that really shows you all of the hardware and software on your PC in a much better way. Whether you want to know the timing of your processor, the version of the installed operating system, your IP address or your current screen resolution, or product ID, servicepack version, Browser Infos, DirectX etc.

System folders: Autostart, app data, favorites, cookies, history etc. Hardware infos: CPU , display, network, mainboard, BIOS. You can reach all important system configurations very easily and “MyPC plus” provides you with all the information on your PC.

MyPC Plus shows you the assorted information in accordance with the PC sector and also offers you the opportunities for creating or deleting system restore points, the secure deletion of your files, and much  more. MyPC plus” is a useful tool, especially if you want to upgrade your PC and you don’t know very clearly about the built-in hardware. This useful tool will summarize all the information you are looking for perfectly in order.

This little Software is excellent for those who want to upgrade their system. This tool also offers shortcuts on the “Control” tab to important windows settings and plug-ins for safe and secure deletion plus some otehr useful extensions. You can also terminate the processes and get informations about them.


List of some useful features :

  • CPU data
  • System infos: OS version, Servicepack, IE version, DirectX u.s.w
  • System folders
  • Network: IP adress, Computer name, Workgroup, Online connection etc
  • Memory load
  • Display infos
  • Power state (if relevant)
  • Current content of the clipboard
  • Clear clipboard
  • Control center
  • Cleaner removes redundant files
  • Fast file search
  • Secure delete overwrites files

Download MyPC Plus 2.7.0 Here







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