Download Norton Power Eraser and Secure Your System

norton power eraser

“Norton Power Eraser” deeply removes harmful programs from your system, adding an extra layer of security to your system. This is a very user friendly and easy program. Using Norton Power Eraser you can choose whether you want to perform a full system scan or just scan a specific file.

Norton Power Eraser functionality:

During the virus search operation the  “Norton Power Eraser” uses aggressive methods to detect threats and peneterates profoundly into the depths of the operating system and lists all the findings of so-called crimeware very clearly. Then its upto you which errors you want it to fix and what not. “Norton Power Eraser” fixes even the most severly infected PC’s and the repairs can also be made undone If necessary.

Since this program uses advanced and warlike mehods to detect threats, there is a risk that it can select some legitimate programs for removal. You should use this tool very carefully, and only after you have already used other options and now very exhausted with them.


Download Norton Power Eraser Here

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