Download ProxTube and See Blocked YouTube Videos in Your Country

youtube video not available in your country

Some youtube videos are blocked in your country and you are not allowed to watch them. For example, the Gema music videos are also censored in Germany and some other countries face the same problem. You can get around it by changing the proxy server, it still works but you will have to do this operation manually each time plus the slow loading speed of website is also a big problem. Here is the solution

The good news is that with ProxTube you can now unlock blocked videos on the YouTube platform quickly and securely . So you can have fun with youtube again after you have downloaded this proxtube! Firefox users can also download ProxTube for their browser. Using proxtube you will be able to watch restricted blocked videos normally on your monitor.

ProxTube can also be activated and deactivated at any time by clicking the add button in the toolbar of the browser, or acting from entering settings on addon -Tools Add-Ins . it is legal to use and the operation is very simple,  you have to do anything, except to activate the browser icon on or off.

Germany, Netherlands and Spain are currently supported, so enjoy yourself and unblock youtube videos 🙂


Click Here To Download Proxtube


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