Team Viewer

Download Team Viewer: A Powerful Remote Utility

Team Viewer

You have the power to Remote control your computers with TeamViewer, help others with computer problems, present your desktop, transfer files, and communicate using VoIP/video or the chat function.

Team Viewer is actually a powerful remote utility that enables you to view the desktop of another computer, and play with is as if it was your own.

Would you like to help friends or acquaintances with their computer problems from a remote location or have them help you? Do you want to make large files available to others quickly and easily? Or would you like to show your desktop to someone at a remote location? In these and many other cases, TeamViewer is the perfect freeware for you. Use Team Viewer free of charge as a personal user and benefit from its extensive capabilities: remote control of PCs, transfer of files, working online with others in a team, communicating via VoIP or video, chatting or presenting online. TeamViewer is easy to use and secure (and trouble-free behind firewalls, proxy servers and NAT routers). Test it yourself: Download TeamViewer (without registration). Your first connection will be up and running in two minutes. So start playing or working with this lovely tool, its all upto you. Enjoy this free software.

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