Download Zombie Wonderland 2 Outta Time Free for Android

Zombie Wonderland 2

Zombie Wonderland 2 Outta Time is now out and available for download for free via Android Market. It is created by Xoobis, a very interesting game. Zombie Wonderland 2 is compatible with Android phones and tablets. It includes support for more chipsets, including Samsung Galaxy S2 and Samsung Note..


“Zombie Wonderland 2: Outta Time! is a wild romp into the crazy, zombie-filled universe of Chuck, Niceville’s own Zombie Cleaner, on an quest to rid the town from the undead pests once and for all!

With frantic gameplay, Zombie Wonderland2: Outta Time! is the unique combination of Survival Cleaning, Time Mismanagement and Shoot’em Zombies gameplay genres.

  • Travel back in time with Chuck, and fight through the hordes of undead in this action packed adventure!
  • Pick your anti-zombie arsenal carefully, as there are dozens of wacky weapons to use against the shuffler’s onslaught!
  • 31 Missions, 12 different places to fight, 25 different types of zombies, big and small, to make your life very complicated – fast!
  • Use your cleaning tools to keep your clients happy. Shoot first, then mop the undead’s guts off the floor, or you will pay for the damage!
  • Amazing layered orchestral soundtracks, along with tons of sound effects and elaborate voice-overs, the game delivers an earful in the sounds department!”

 Download it Here =>>Zombie Wonderland 2 for Android

Watch Zombie Wonderland 2: Outta Time! – Gameplay Trailer

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