Ebay Seller Sells Safe With $26,000 Inside!


The seller has added a new comment to his feedback page claiming that the buyer never found any money: “He was playing a practical joke the safe was empty there wasnt any money in it.” A Bartlett man found thousands of dollars inside an item he bought on eBay.

James Labrecque sold an old safe on eBay for $122.93. “I made a mistake, you know, that’s what it boils down to,” said Labrecque. “And it cost me dearly.” Labrecque, an eBay user for more than 15 years, said he did not have the combination to the safe and believed it to be just another item to turn around. “I thought it was empty,” he said. “I shook it and I didn’t feel anything inside of it, so I figured, well, maybe it’s just a locked safe, you know. So I put it on eBay.” Labrecque lives in California. The person who bought the safe lives in Bartlett. Upon receipt, the buyer brought the safe to a welder, who cut it open. Inside the safe was $26,000 in cash. The buyer gave Labrecque a positive review and shared the news. “I feel like the stupidest idiot in the world,” said Labrecque. “I told my friend, I won the stupidest idiot in the world award the other day, you know. I gave away a safe with $26,000 in it.”” – 5 News

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