Railway tracklayer machine

Epic Tracklayer Machine: Removing old track and placing new one

These are the most complicated and smart machines you may not have seen before in your life. Together its a pretty awesome Roving Assembly Line though. You can call it amazing human ingenuity! This machine is actually a Track laying train and after some adjustments it is capable to lay a brand new track on a bed, removing an old track leaving nothing or track renewal of ties and rails or ties alone as its happening in this video. Just wait another 30 to 40 years when even more advanced machines are run by their own synthetic intelligences, whole cities for humans built in just a few days. You don’t really need synthetic intelligence to accomplish that job, but it will allow the robots to have great situational flexibility and to make successful decisions on the fly.

the first thing you see is the the P93 Track laying train (and its annex WP93) and the C75 ballast cleaner both made by MATISA, a Swiss based company. Then a SSP203 ballast regulator followed by the 09-3X tamping machine, both made by Plasser&Theurer in Austria. All these Epic Tracklayer Machine you see in this video are owned by Infabel, the manager of the Belgian railroad infrastructure. The place is Belgium in this video. It makes human proud of what they can do. Just think about how many people must have worked on developing all of that technology. Their stories will never be known, but to those silent geniuses that build machines like this, we give a hearty salute. No doubt, such intelligent machinery and their makers have made the daily life of human very easy.

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