green screen camera tricks

Excellent Camera Tricks : Crazy Facts You Never Knew Before

These filmy excellent camera tricks use blue and green screens. A blue screen is useful when film directors must shoot scenes with Risky, dangerous, difficult, knotty or impossible requirements. To avoid dangerous stunts or very tough filmi set construction requirements, the film director may bring in a blue screen effect.

This happens most of the time during a film shooting when the script calls for an image of an astronaut walking on an alien planet, or a movie scene where an actor is climbing up to the top or falling from the top of a high-rise superstructure building.

green screen blue screen

This is actually done to abstain from putting the actor in a dangerous physical situation that also costs the film’s production company a lot of money and precious time. Thats why the scene is shot in the film studio with a blue screen as the backdrop plate. Nowadays these modern techniques are supported by computer-generated imagery and digital technology. Another version of the same filming technique is called “green screens”, commonly known as chroma keying. This amazing camera trick allows it to appear as if two or more images, filmed separately, are actually being filmed together in the same place at the same time. watch the above video to enjoy these lovely techniques.

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