Facebook After Death: Good News For Dead People

ifidie facebook app

Wistfully, This is not a Joke, Dead people can also post on their facebook wall from now on. You can now post your final wish or status message on facebook even after your death. The new application on facebook allows you to leave your last wish or word to your friend list after your death.

This new unique facebook app called “If I Die”  is allowing deceased people not only to update their statuses on Facebook but this new app will also allow users (including dead ones) to post farewell messages and videos on their wall after they pass away. In the event of you dying, 3 friends who you’ve previously approved will be able to log into your “If I Die” app. They must confirm your death, which will then post your final farewell message. All of a sudden, those annoying status updates from living people don’t seem so bad indeed.

Videos, Current Status updates and pictures can be released all at once or one at a time after your death.  So will any of Facebook’s more than eight hundred million users actually post from beyond?

“I would actually personally use it, and then I could pass away and know that everybody found out the truth about everything I felt towards them,” said Jeannette Escarcega.

Michael Grigg’s cousin died recently, now he understood why the app might be a good thing.

“Just being able to still be able to click on his name and go to his page even though he’s not there, but it’s like he’s still there.  I think it’s kind of cool,” Grigg said.

The application already has got 5,000 ‘likes’ on Facebook.


The facebook reported in a blog update that it was try to protect the deceased’s privacy by removing sensitive information such as contact information and status updates




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