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Facebook is Always Watching You, Even After Logging Out :(Video)

facebook paparazi

Facebook keeps following you all the time, even after you have logged out of it. This has been discovered by An Australian technology expert Nik Cubrilovic, a hacker and a writer. He says that logging out of Facebook only de-authorizes user’s browser from the web application. Nevertheless, a number of cookies are still sent along to all requests to Social Networking Center facebook.com. Nick Cubrilovic has verified this after having made dfferent tests on the social networking website called “facebook”.

It simply means that facebook tracks all those websites automatically you visit after logging out of facebook

“Even if you are logged out, Facebook still knows and can track every page you visit. The only solution is to delete every Facebook cookie in your browser, or to use a separate browser for Facebook interactions.”

Its actually a very clever way to continue to track the users where they are going and what they are  doing even if user is logged out. its called cookie manipulation which can be done by unsetting some of them, changing sme others and adding a few more to it.

Australian technology expert Nik Cubrilovic says that that he had already raised the issue to Facebook more than a year ago but no action had been taken as yet. Now he has decided to raise this issue again as the new privacy complaints are being fired at facebook


Watch the video below for more details:


“This is not what ‘logout’ is supposed to mean – Facebook are only altering the state of the cookies instead of removing all of them when a user logs out,” he writes.

“With my browser logged out of Facebook, whenever I visit any page with a Facebook like button, or share button, or any other widget, the information, including my account ID, is still being sent to Facebook. The only solution to Facebook not knowing who you are is to delete all Facebook cookies,” he adds. “You can test this for yourself using any browser with developer tools installed. It is all hidden in plain sight.”

“If you login on a public terminal and then hit ‘logout’, you are still leaving behind fingerprints of having been logged in. As far as I can tell, these fingerprints remain (in the form of cookies) until somebody explicitly deletes all the Facebook cookies for that browser,” he adds.

“Facebook knows every account that has accessed Facebook from every browser and is using that information to suggest friends to you. The strength of the ‘same machine’ value in the algorithm that works out friends to suggest may be low, but it still happens.”


Nik Cubrilovic says he tried many times to contact Facebook about his recent discovery but did not get any reply yet. He said there were significant risks to privacy, particularly if using public terminals.

”Facebook are front and centre in the new privacy debate just as Microsoft were with security issues a decade ago,” he further said.



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